Extinguisher Filling Machine

Nitrogen Filling Machine

The N2 Filling Equipment is used for charging nitrogen propellant to stored Pressure fire extinguishers.

It is also a safety interface between the nitrogen store bottle and fire extinguisher by disabling overfilling of the extinguisher. At a filling pressure of more than 18 bars the safety valve opens and the pressure escapes to the environment.

Powder Filling Machine

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The machine shall be suitable for filling all types, sizes and capacities of DCP fire extinguishers. We can also empty the extinguisher in the same Process.

The machine shall have a hopper made up of Mild steel having (4 MM Thickness) 30 KG Capacity, Fitted with the Self cleaning Teflon Filters, Two inspections Window is provided for Powder level Inspection.

The Height of the Hopper is pneumatically adjusted by the pneumatic Cylinder.