Annual Maintenance Contract Service

We all get the importance of fire safety equipment in our premises.

Not all of us get the importance of maintaining them.


There are no second chances in the fight against fire. Nor is it possible to predict when and where a fire may break out. A fire catches people off-guard; which is why it is essential for the firefighting equipment at your premises to be ready for action and work at its optimal best when the time comes.

The only way to ensure this is by subscribing to a professionally managed maintenance service. This service makes sure the fire safety equipment on your premises is carefully looked after, cleaned and serviced. It also ensures faulty parts are repaired or replaced on time, and the equipment functions at its best.

The Situation Today

Firewin Safety engineers has been in the fire safety business for decades. During this time, we’ve come to know the market scenario thoroughly, and learn its capabilities and flaws

The Extinguishers Scenario:


A fraction of companies that actually sell extinguishers manufacture the extinguishers themselves. And from these numbers, even fewer have the capabilities to offer some form of maintenance. Many consumers want to maintain the fire safety equipment on their premises, but cannot locate professional, original manufacturers to manage and operate these extinguishers. This forces customers to resort to maintenance by local, unauthorized, unskilled vendors.

The Systems Scenario:


There are customers who invest in highly specialized fire safety equipment, such as kitchen fire suppression systems or in-panel tube-based suppression systems. In many cases, these are international brands, sold only through distributors and dealers who are not equipped to offer dedicated, professional maintenance services. For a fire suppression system to work efficiently in an emergency, all its elements need to perform effortlessly together. The Design must be flawless. Installation needs to be on point. And the Components have to be in perfect working order. It’s why expert Maintenance with constant supervision is an absolute must to ensure the optimal functioning of your fire suppression system.

The Reality


A lot of establishments who have invested in Ceasefire’s premium quality fire safety solutions use local vendors for maintenance. Apparent cost-effectiveness being the most common reason. However, these vendors have neither the knowledge nor the necessary infrastructure to take on the task. In most cases, their capabilities do not even satisfy the minimum criteria of the comprehensive Ceasefire Annual Maintenance Contract checklist. Using a local, untrained vendor poses a huge risk to the effective functioning of the equipment. Here’s an alarming fact: Most local vendors do not even know how the extinguisher is made!

That's when the Firewin Safety Engineers AMC Services come in

When it comes to the maintenance of a Firewin safety engineers private limited product; the Firewin safety engineers AMC Service is the ideal choice. Especially since no one else knows our products as well as we do.

Firewin safety engineers Maintenance Services involve a highly detailed programmed, which provides a thorough check of the minutest details of the Ceasefire product installed at your premises. These services are designed to ensure your lifesaving equipment performs optimally during the contract period.

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